Professional Property Photography

Professional photography is an essential part of modern day advertising. We are well established here on the coast and have been providing our clients with stunning images since 2012, helping owners sell their houses quickly and for unbelievable value.

High demand, big offers

Marketing a property correctly requires a number of key components, one of them being advertising. The visual way in which you display your property to potential clients is one of the most important steps to selling your property. A show stopping portfolio of images provides interested buyers with a solid first impression when they come across your property, whether it be online, in printed advertisement or on a sign board in front the house. This first impression is essential in helping your agent gather as much interest and momentum as possible to ensure the best outcome for the sale of the property.

It’s just not that easy

Producing great property images is not a simple task. A successful real estate photographer must call on the highest level of skills, professional equipment and years of experience to capture the heart and soul of a property. Professional images display the key architectural features and assets of the premises in the most engaging yet realistic and natural way. Challenging lighting conditions, colour tones and odd angles are addressed during the shoot and the editing process for a pristine result.

Locally based family-owned business

We are a small family-owned business here on the coast and we pride ourselves in our friendly personalised service. Customer satisfaction and work ethic are our priority values. Real estate agents using our services since we commenced business in 2010 keep coming back for more and rave about our dedicated yet no-fuss approach. On many occasions we were told our photos actually sold the properties!

Why choose us?

When possible, we will take the time to help you style your interior prior to the shoot. Our editing and floor plans are done by us at our premises. Our advanced photoshop skills allow us to remove unsightly stains, marks or objects from the images or even brighten up exterior shots that would be marred by overcast days. We are available 7 days a week and in some cases after hours. Our turn over time for images is the fastest around and our floor plan quality is unmatched. We will always try to accommodate your busy schedules and always respect publishing deadlines.

Keeping it simple

When you purchase a photo shoot with us there are no hidden surprises. Our packages are straight forward and affordable. We do not charge per image and we don’t impose a set maximum of photos per package. We understand that each property is different and we allow for more than enough images to properly showcase the house. As an example, you can normally expect between 20 to 30 photos for a standard 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house.

We let the quality of our images do the talking

Please take a moment to view our galleries. Our images are incredibly clear, perfectly coloured, crisp, evenly lit and contoured. We use the widest angle possible without distorting the proportions. All packages include high and low resolution versions of the images.